Oct 19

How to update Resolution & Resolution dates in Jira

You may need to follow that procedure when you need to update resolution dates when for some reason, the tickets were not correctly “closed”, from JIRA’s POV at the right date. I had that issue due to an error in our workflow, causing the ticket to have the “Done” status but resolution date not updated.

To update these dates, first:

Prepare a CSV with all issues you want to update, wether they’re already in a resolved “Done” or not. The CSV should contains the following fields:

  • Issue key
  • Summary
  • Resolution
  • Resolved

Then, with the following field, go to :

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Mar 17

Alignment & Autonomy : the keys to successful teams

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Dec 16

Git : the commands you have to know

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Mar 16

(Français) Système de reporting simple, open source et gratuit en moins de 15 minutes

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Nov 15

Time Series database : Simple installation and data integration with InfluxDB

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Oct 15

(Français) De la veille sur la Business Intelligence, Hadoop , le Machine learning, R et plein d’autres sujets ?

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Nov 14

How to use the “IN” clause in BIRT DataSet

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Sep 14

Create a GIT repository on a Synology NAS


Capture d’écran 2014-10-12 à 23.30.00I recently bought a Synology NAS (DS214se) to store privates files in my network and not “in the cloud”. I prefered that to the cloud to have 2TB storage space, more security (local network & RAID replication) and sharing possibilities better than a classical external disc.

For now, I’m really happy of that NAS  even if I did not try other systems before. The initialiaztion is fast and the first configuration is really easy. Then, comes the ACLs management which is quite easy to use (if you understand ACLs concepts). Lot of interesting features can be added to that NAS with an applications/packets manager (music, video, security, git etc..)

I would  like to talk about the Git server package that you can install on the NAS and give you the commands and minimum explanation to know how to set up your first git repository on your Synology NAS.

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Jul 14

Quick and dirty logs using BIRT (Windows)



It’s been a while that I did not post anything here. I’m coming today with a short trick to give you : the way to put quick and dirty logs in your BIRT report. I only tested that on Windows. The goal here is to use another executable for BIRT.

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Jun 14

Perl : connect to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 via ODBC on CentOS 6.x


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