Nov 14

How to use the “IN” clause in BIRT DataSet

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Jul 13

Translate BIRT report parameters


birt_logoHere is a short post that describes the way to translate report parameters in BIRT. It’s not complicated  and it works like label or other object type translation but I didn’t find it he first time I looked for it.  If you don’t master the translation in BIRT and the « .properties » files, I suggest you to read this article first. You could also check the way to change the Locale of the preview mode in BIRT preview mod in this article.

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Jun 13

Change the Local of the preview mode to test your translation on BIRT

Hello everyone,

I’m sure you all read the article talking about how to translate reports birt_logoso now what you need is the (simple) method to check if your translations are ok and if you did not forget to translate anything.

Advice : I always prefix text to translate with a “TR_” so when I generate report, I quickly see translation that I forget to do.

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